Milling Cutters

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Solid Carbide Milling Cutters, Cutting Tools from Pune, Maharashtra, India

Milling cutters are in general are cutting tools and mainly they are used in milling machines or machining centers for doing milling works (sometimes in other various machine tools). They get rid of the material by their own movement with the machine itself (e.g a ball nose mill) or else it can also remove straight from the cutter's shape also

  • Shape : You can get our milling cutters in various shapes.
  • Teeth / Flutes : The grooves of the flutes of the milling, which are helical in nature run up and down of the cutter. The sharp-edged blade of the flute is referred to as a tooth.
  • Helix Angle : The flutes of all our milling tools are local in angles because if it is straight, it will not give the perfect result because of the vibration it produces.

Our company and also India's leading tool manufacturing company, Vega Tools provide you with the widest range of milling cutters in the market with the best finishes, high performance and also optimum accuracy and that is why you can use our tools for various purposes. That is why you can easily expect all our products to age well and it will grove you the best performance that you want. Our milling cutters is not that ordinary, each of them comes to the market after passing through various tests in our R&D. This means you can complete your work by using our tools in the most hassle-free way. We also provide the best warranty offers as well on all of our products.

Our duty is not only to manufacture but also to give full assistance and help if you need it after purchasing. That is why we give quite a bit of attention to our after-sell services as well. If you have any doubt or quarry, simple email us your concern all call us anytime, we are happy to help you always.

Vega Tools which is lay out in the year 2008 under responsibility for. Mr. Limbraj Telge. A group chief and a technocrat with a demonstrated history and effectively dealing with the organization for most recent 10 years. He is having 10+ years experience in plan, assembling and use of the elite presentation cutting apparatuses.

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Milling Cutters