Solid Carbide Reamers

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The solid carbide reamers are rotary cutting devices that are commonly used to do the finishing of any surfaces and also control the tolerated holes. The regular reamer will have a geometry design that will have helical edges or straight or parallel edges with a long cylindrical body. This tool has cutting edges that are slightly undercut and have a slight angle. This way, you will be promised of the long life and of course a superior finish on the hole. In addition to this, this also have a coating for a great finish surface that can be used for best designed purposes.

These solid carbide reamers come in helical design and straight forms with the TCH and solid processes. These products have reamed holes that can be used for special requirements as they have cylindrical, round, diameter tolerance and good surface quality. These reamers can be used for a variety purpose such as enlarging holes, metal working, and originating a table. Some of the best features of these reamers are step, tapered and straight designs, straight or solid through, super finished technology, and straight or helical flute. Most of these reamers are used in die and mould industries, power generation industry, medical and aerospace industry.

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Solid Carbide Reamers