Solid Carbide Tools

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Solid carbide tools are sort of cutting tools that are usually used for industrial metal cutting applications. You can get carbide tools of different types such as reamers, drills, end mills, thread mills, milling cutters, grooving and boring tools and for many other purposes as well.

In 2008, Vega Tools first introduced carbide cutting tools for our metal machining industry as a more solid and more powerful alternative to HSS tools. The main raw material for manufacturing solid carbide tools is cemented carbide which is being prepared by mixing tungsten carbide powder with cobalt powder and then these two are sintered at extremely high temperatures. The hardness of cemented carbide generally ranges between 89 to 94 hra which is between sapphire and diamond. Rods that are prepared then get grounded in order for the manufacturing of solid carbide cutting tools to take place.

Our Company, Vega Tools, here you can experience a wide variety of different types of products with world-class finishing, top-notch performance, can produce high speeds and also you can use all our products for various different purposes. All of our products age very long with optimum performance to give you the best experience. The Solid carbide tools that we offer are passed through several tests in our high-end labs to meet all your expectations. This means you can do your drilling and chamfer work in a single shot only. All the tools come with super fineness and finishing to give the best user experience.

Our company not only manufacture these products but also we supply in local market and export to different countries all around the globe as well. Each every product of us are priced in a very competitive way so that you do not have to over burden yourself. For detailed enquiry, you can mail us or you can visit our website and you also call us. We are always happy to guide you.

Vega Tools which is lay out in the year 2008 under responsibility for. Mr. Limbraj Telge. A group chief and a technocrat with a demonstrated history and effectively dealing with the organization for most recent 10 years. He is having 10+ years experience in plan, assembling and use of the elite presentation cutting apparatuses. Vega Tools is one of the quality and strongest solid carbide tools manufacturer, solid carbide tools exporter, solid carbide tools supplier in Pune, India. We are serve this product in all over countries. if you want this solid carbide tools please quote Now !

Solid Carbide Tools